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Recently I got a copy of all three of my credit reports with scores and my score was near 800 on all three, however when I got the reports and sat down and really looked them over, there no longer was a trade line for Flagstar bank. Pissed was not the word, as my score dropped to 730.

I had a $200,000.00 mortgage with this bank if you want to call them one and I paid the entire mortgage off early as I had come into some real money from an inheritance. I proceeded to call Flagstar bank on the phone a few times and could never get someone on the phone. Well, I had no choice but to send the a letter, certified to make sure they got it and I explained in the letter that they stopped reporting to Experian, Equifax and Trans Union and it affecting my credit scores big time. I did not hear anything back from them until about a month later with a letter inside explaining to me since my mortgage was paid off, it was no longer in there system therefore it does not report to any of the credit bureaus any longer.

I was livid and upset beyond explanation. I sent another certified letter and waited another month to receive a response and it was the same exact story. Can you imagine paying off a $200.000.00 mortgage off early and the bank you paid it to does not report it to the credit bureaus any longer.

This Flagstar bank sucks and I mean sucks...! I would not give them the my ***.

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My name is Gloria Douglas, Flagstar foreclosed on my loan in 2010.I went to HELP and they were so nasty the lady would not help me.

They will not answer your calls when they know you are trying to get answers to try and save your home. They are hartless peaple and I don't see how they get away with what they do to people. I was under water and they would not give me a refinance.

My home was not worth 300,000 and I was paying 2300 per month.My loan number was 501670780-3.I hope we can file a class suit because I lived in my home for 20 years and flagstar took it and resold it and I didn't get a penny, it is not fair.


Why would you expect them to keep reporting something after it was paid off? What if you were behind on the account? Would you expect them to keep reporting it delinquent after you paid it off?

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