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I submitted a short sale contract 11 months ago and lost the first buyer because flagstar did nothing with the contract. I was told that since the seller was current that they did not get worked until the account was delinquent. In February we received the next offer, On April 17Th we received a counter from Flagstar which was accepted by the buyer.Per your request we sent a new HUD1 on 4/18,4/19 and again on 4/27 along with the signed counter offer.

Since that time it has slipped into a black hole, no one seems to know what is gong on with the office When I ask to speak with a supervisor I.m told that there is not anyone I can talk with.maybe that's the problem

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Some of the complains are rather silly..why not just sell property..then, rent?

Only, you will have to pay your rent, or you'll be on the street!

If you have a lien (mortgage) on property, you don't own.....the LENDER owns the property!

You signed documents to pay you're going back on your word!

They're not at fault, u r.

Oakland, New Jersey, United States #579372

I have not made a payment to them in three years. Yes, I am still in my home.

Just stop paying them. Do not send them another penny.

to JUSTDONTPAY Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #579397

R u kidding? I have to try that.


Sorry, but you obviously have no clue what the banks go through in regard to getting short sales approved. THEY MUST BE approved by FNMA (Fannie Mae) or Freddie before they can proceed.

These entities are working at a bare minimum of 90-120 days. As a former Flagstar Employee and have spoken to many agents in the Loss Mitigation department, they like most lenders, have a back log of files that are in the tens of thousands. A loan modification, PER Government guides, cannot be reviewed or even considered unless the mortgage is at least 90 days late. Blame the idiots that created modification programs that make no sence!

BTW - I have a loan modification with Bank of Unamerican... in process now for 2 YEARS!!!!

Talk about an entity that doesn't know it's *** from *** in the ground??? The right hand doesn't even know that a left hand exists!


You do not have to pay a single "Dime" while Disputing your case in a court of law, even if it take's 25 years or more and your Credit still in good standing because you are "Disputing Your Case", Dispute is the key!


Don't be 90-days late, on your loan that is when they can take your "HOME", I don't understand why they give that advice, Knowing well they can take your "HOME" at anytime at that point! Be 60-days but not 90-days get smart, "flagSHAFT bank" only looks out for there best interest not yours!

They could care less if you or your love one's end up on the street's, just read the blogs on this site and you will see. There are some sStupidd customers you will see what i mean but there are a lot of good customers just asking for a little help, but it falls on deaf ear's, they just don't care! All they want is there land fall profit's and that is that!

Forget Help! Read Danielpa's blog it is about 20 blogs down from your's her name is Patsy Campbell, she has been "Disputing Her Case For 25-Years And Is Still In Her Home!" While you are "Disputing Your Case Your Credit Is Still In Stella Shape Because you Are Disputing your Case In A Court Of Law!" Contact all Credit Company's tell them this is in court and you are "Disputing Your Case By law they have to take out Bad Credit until matter is resolved.


They are rRATSs don't listen to them about 90-days late, your CREDIT CARDS will DOUBLE or in some cases "TRIPLE in FEE'S!" Remember NO ONE will help you at "flagSHAFT!" All they know is how to sScrew you that is there game they play with you they playing dDUMm is how they don't have to help you, don't you get it, they are masters at the game! Read the HORA STORY'S always the same thing!

P.S. Remember you cannot get an apartment if you loose your home because of there advice to be 90-days late, landlords do credit checks on you now forget getting a car new or used that's also done, do you see why they are rRATSs they don't tell you this that is how come there should really be "flagSHAFT bank!" "Good Luck you will need it!"


I have a lawyer looking into my modification. They won't look at mine because I am not late!

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