Concord, Michigan

FlagStar Bank has been taking $10.00 a month out of my account for several months because I haven't been using the account on a monthly bases. Now, they have overdrawn me for another 10.00 charge and Turned me into the credit report people and sent me a letter stating its overdrawn for 8 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So now Flagstar In addition to taking money out of my account and not letting me Know, there trying to reck my credit. I estimate they got away with at least $100.00.

I called Flagstar and they said I should pay them and close my account. They value my money not my business

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money so American's can buy homes may get stiffed for the bill.

I guies that is O.K. with you because you work for "flagSHAFT" and as long as you get your perks it's fine!

#164942 still laughing. too funny. ive seen you on other postings about flagstar as well.


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It a standard policy to charge cosumers fee if they are not using their checking accounts. No matter what bank - big or small - people choose for their banking needs they always have to pay if they are not using the account.

Bank of America charged me $35 per month on my checking account I haven's had used for 6 months.

I had to pay $195 is fees before I could close my account. It was due to ignorance on my part - not knowing the rules.


The bank doesn't make money off of accounts that sit dormant. The banking industry is about to make a major change and this is one of the reasons why.

You will begin to notice banks go back to charging fees on their accounts if you don't keep a minimum balance or have direct deposit. The larger banks will announce first and I expect the smaller banks to follow suit by the beginning of next year.


When checking my checking acct balance I noticed a withdrawal of $800.00 from a branch in a town I have never visited. After some investigating by me and the bank teller we found a person with the same name as me withdrew the money using a deposit slip inside the bank.

She had a different middle initial and acct #, but they took it out of my acct.!!

Sloppy & incompetent money handling! scary!!


*** is *** does my momma use to say.


Use your account instead of using the bank. Why would you open the account if your not even going to use it in the first place? Makes no sense to me?

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