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Been in the loan modification process with Flagstar for 1 year now. Had been out of work for 4 months, had a death in the family (father to cancer) mother in law lost house and was living with me etc....

sob sob sob... anywho, they asked me to call on Friday of last week to see where the process was, denied, sold in trustee auction on following monday and the cheesy 3 day eviction notice on my door today. Just when you think they are going to help... bang..

right up the tailpipe..

be mindful of these sham artists. They really do not want to help you.

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Important ask FlagStar Bank how many "Loan Modifications They Grant Out Of One Hundred Customers", it is not even 1%!


There are some really sStupid customers, you will see what I mean when you read there responces but there are really down to the earth solid customers just asking for a square deal but FlagStar Bank will not help, forebearance can add another 20,000 to 40,000 dollars on to your loan, but what sSucks is they don't tell you this they just sSucker you in. What is the use to get a Modification if they add another 40,000 in "Interest" caused by forebearance payments you did not get credit for? In other words lets say your loan was 300,000 dollars to start, and then they stick you with a 340,000 with your forebearance added on to the loan, all those "Extra Payments Did not Count, don't you get it yet.


You are getting ripped of with your forebearance payment's why would you not pay the $200.00 dollars more and get credit for it, forebearance is for s$uckers only, all you are doing is paying "Interest" and adding one extra payment to your loan, in other words your payment is $2200.00 dollars a month, you pay $2000.00 dollars which is only "Interest Only Why Would You Want To Give Them $2000.00 dollars Extra, never mind you paid two forebearance payments why? that is an extra $4000.00 more on to your loan and I promise you, you still won't get any help, they will be ahead of the gaim and of course you be left behind. You have to read all blogs and see how many Customers have gotten s$crewed doing exactly what you are doing now.


Been trying to get a loan mod from FSB since 2009 going on two years now. Finally we contacted an attorney and it doesnt seem as if they are helping much either.

We did not loose our job just a cut in our hours and pay. Finally on 4/11 we were asked to start making forebearance payments which were only 200 less than our regular payment, anywho we were told once the 3rd payment was made we would get a loan mod decision, not true. We were then told to call before EOM did so , directed to make another forebearance payment..

Don' t understand the process any longer and I can' t afford to keep paying my attorney to do nothing.. Anyone out theoir have any suggestions, please advise.


You do not have to make a single payment while you are "Disputing Your Case!" Now let them SUFFER! what goes around comes around!

Do not keep your money in a bank while doing this because it can be levied.

keep it in the Mattress or your refridge but NO-BANK! Read all the stories on this site information is power to save your Home and Money!


Do not leave your home! There is due process to get you out legal, it can take them up to 25 years to get you out!

You are right about one thing the 3-day eviction notice is "Cheese, Remember That Is What rRatss Eat!" Most customers get Buffellowed with that eviction notice but don't forget it is just "Cheese!" There is due process to get you out! There is a blog about 20-spaces down from your revew read it, her name is Danielpa, persons name is Patsy Campbell she has

"Disputed her case for 25-years and is still in her home Credit in good standing because she is Disputing her case, please just read it!

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