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I recently tried to get a loan for the purchase of a home with Flagstar Bank. To make a long story short the service was terrible, and the turnaround times were awful.

I had good credit, 20 percent down & a full document loan on a home I was to live in. The loan was approved according to the bank but they just couldn't seal the deal in a timely mannor. I ended up going to another bank who did a great job and I got my house but again I WARN ANYONE READING THIS WATCH OUT FOR FLAGSTAR BANK.

They talk the talk but do not walk the walk !!!!!

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I don't understand? What is your "surprize" there are hundreds of flagstar customers having the same problem you are, you should do Research before you tie up your deposit with a bank that gives terible customer service, this is completely your fault for not doing your research, and what is very funny about this is check this site a few days from now and you will see another customer again having the same problem, NO ONE will read the complaints first, only when they have the problem, then they complain just plain "***" *** is *** does, another fish "flagShaft bank" realled in, and nothing you can do about it and they know it. Next time read the complaints before you sign, buyer beware, or you can say another $ucker born every day.

Webb City, Missouri, United States #152115

Loan originator approved my paperwork and forwarded to Flagstar. My closing was supposed to be May 14, 2010....I'm still waiting for approval with no sign of that happening(June 9).

Loan Originator can't get answers and Flagstar won't talk to me. I have to walk away from the house as I have to find a place to live by this weekend- 2 small children and I can't wait around until the seller pulls the plug on this deal. The worst part is there is nothing but administrative nonsense that held this up- finances are fine, I provided all docs in a timely manner.

Just a real shame..a costly one- no $8K tax credit and my deposit money is lost. Don't use this bank!


We have been trying to get approved for a mortgage for 4 months so far now. They keep dragging their feet and stalling and coming up with more and more conditions.

This is the most frustrating thing I've ever had to deal with!

I strongly recommend not dealing with Flagstar for a home loan! :(

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