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I bought my house July 2008,February 6th 2012 I received a letter from an attorney advising me my house is in foreclosure, I said to myself this is a joke my mortgage payment is set to auto pay every month on the 5th day Flagstar would submit an ach check to my Bank and I make sure to check my account every month on that day and every month for four years their checks clear my Bank, so I contacted the attorney's office letting them know this is a mistake all checks to Flagstar Bank cleared my Bank for four years, including January 2012. I was told mam we have nothing to do with your mortgage payment we are retained by Flagstar to foreclose on your property due to none payment.

I then had to retain an attorney submit hard copies of all my payments and prove to Flagstar that all my mortgage payments were submitted & cleared by my Bank. With the billion dollars business this company is doing you would think they should have a good and accurate accounting system but they are far from it, because if they do this could have never happen. What if I didn't had money to retain an attorney I would have lose my house just like the rest of homeowners out there, anyways now I am out of attorney fees this is not right, what happen to homeowners rights? I guess they lost it the day they sign those documents to take a loan with these crooked banks!

Like Flagstar which in my opinion is rated #1 the worse Banks out there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Flagstar Bank Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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flagstar; known by insiders as the *** of the mortgage business.

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