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I am a "flagSHAFT bank" customer, I would like to make a comment about "flagSHAFT bank"! I have asked them for help in the past, they did not come through for me, I will let it be known I am very financaily literit, cannot spell great, but I am sure of this, I can make a point!

There is a custommer I stole a line from his name is Michael Mc that is were I Got the term "Short Sale Shovel" I would like to say to all "flagSHAFT bank" customers, I know you are reading this complaint because of one of the following reasons, you asked for a modification they would not do it! because they always have a reason why they cannot do it, there reply kind of goes like this you signed a contract live up to it. But what they don't tell you is they signed a contract with foren countrys to borrow money that they committed fraud, this is how they did it, they sold them junk bonds rated Tripple AAA-Real-Estate when there real value was Class-D or lower, but yet they want to hold you to your contract, and not give you a Modification,,,Is this fair when they committed fraud to borrow the money in the first place? I do not think so.

But yet they will not Budge!

I have also read from customers they tell them to be 90-days late before they will help, what is that all about, they still don't help!,,,Then they want you to "Short Sale" that only Helps "flagSHAFT" because they cannot sell the loan to another bank, they are stuck so they ask you to sign over the house in a "Short Sale" so they can recover there "Stolen Money" you get nothing but bad credit when they say it helps you and it does not believe me they will say anything to have you right off on the loan they are snake salemens. Do not Sign Off live there sa long as you can, get dragged out if you have to but do it, also remember this if you lieve on your own you can't get an apartment because your credit is no-good, so your only extra time to live for free is stay were you are and play "Dum Like Ms.Baker from flagSHAFT bank use the same aproach that they use Dum is Good"!

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Poestenkill, New York, United States #225362

"Please Listene"!!! They have taken you for all you are worth, there going to take more, your last "Dime" don't let them do it!!!

Follow "Patsy Campbell" One Womans 25 Year Forclosure Fight!!! They have taken Your Pension Money, Your Severance Money and Your Lifes Savings, how have they helped you in Return, all they do is undermine anything that you do to get from out under. They $ScewedYou$ that is what they did!!! "Patsy Campbell, Says this, "There Not Going To Take It!!!

"Do Not Short Sale"!!! If you get "Savy it can take them 25-Years and more to get you out, and chances you can "Win Your Case"!!! Don't Pay One Thin Dime While You are Disputing Your Case!!! Do IT!!!

Don't be a PPussy!!! " Patriot"


WOW ... don't short sell ... Get info.

I would love to file a lawsuit against Flagstar as I'm sure many others would. I started working with Flagstar back in Jan 08 when I found out I was losing my job. I lost my job on Dec 2007. Notified them right away to get a Home Modification Loan. I was unemployed until Feb 1, 2010. After two years of communicating with them on a monthly if not more frequently and spending almost all my reserve funds and finding out the only way they would work with me was to stop making payments. relunctantly I stopped making payments ... I have never missed a bill payment in 30 plus years. I had spent all my severance money and had to start withdrawing from my pension to make payments since unemployment wasn't paying all the bills and Flagstar said they need to see a stead form of income. I was told in Jan 2010 that I could make forbearance payments and they would get back with me at the end of 90 days... well in Nov 2010 they contacted me and re-did my loan. Well the loan amount is greater than the original loan. With my second I owe about $7500 more than my original purchase price. That is over $24,000 more than the house is worth. If I can get what I think it might be worth ... but I'm seeing prices much lower.

If they had worked with me when I first contacted them it would have worked out much differently. I wouldn't have spent all my severance money on my mortgage and wouldn't have had to start drawing on my pension.

I WAS looking into doing a short sale because I can't even sell my home to break even and my pension is running out and my income from my job will not cover my bills and mortgage, and I need to save money to survive financially. Now I'll look into other options. THANK YOU.

Poestenkill, New York, United States #215235

My name is Danno I am the person responsible for comments you disliked. Lesa Bartlet I will tell you this, "You Are A Greart Real Estate Agent" I am no-one to make anyone feel bad!

I really Dislike "FlagStar Bank" because i asked for help had all that was aquired credit so on so on, all they did was play with me, keeping me calling putting me on hold passing the call from rep to rep, 9-months to a year what a waist of time, you will see for yourself what i mean. Time will tell.

Poestenkill, New York, United States #215085

Lisa you are right on one thing \"FlagStar Bank\" is terrible, they do not Help At All. Check on one thing for me see how many Loan Modifications they Grant out of \"One Hunded Aplications\" try a \"Thousand Aplications\" its not even 1% Percent those Grants were suppose to help customers that had \"Financail Problem\" not customers that did not have \"Finacail Problems\" that is how come they call it \"Tarp Money\" but \"FlagStar Bank\" does not make money this way plus they loose there \"Big Interest loans why would they want to help, there is No-Money in it for them, it\'s not hard to figure out.

If they want to give out these Modifications all they have to do is tipe out the terms sent it to Obamma and he will have the right people sign it and then we don\'t have to wory about the H.V.C.C.

guide line that should only apply to New Customers. FlagStar Bank does not want to make this simple, it is easy to make this a much bigger job than it is so they don\'t have to give out Modification, can\'t you see this?

Poestenkill, New York, United States #215081

I did not mean all Real Estate Agents, there are great Real Estate that I know! Lisa but there are some Real Estate Agents that are not when a home owner is doing badly there property is "Under Valued" some times I have seen Agents give very Bad advice just because they thought they would loose there client so they will have them sell way to Low instead of telling them we are in a slump rent your home untill property goes back up then come back and I will sell your property, Real Estate Agents don't make money that way the only way I could "Believe This" if the Agent would take a Dollar to Dollar loss to Prevailing Co$t of Property, If the home owner looses a thousand so should the Real Estate Agent Loose a $Thousand. Lisa I believe you are a Great Real Estate, but we all have different beliefs.


I take complete OFFENSE to the comment that Realtors side with the banks. We work for our clients, not the banks.

We work VERY hard to push through sales for the sellers that we represent. Not all banks are cooperative. Flagstar and Bank of America are the worst. B of A short sales generall go through, but they take an average of 6 months.

I have one Flagstar sale and have been waiting 5 months for them to review our offer. I call and wait on hold for 45 minutes each week, just to be told to wait more. I do this in futility, but feel it's my duty to my client to do so. If your agent gives you the feeling he/she doesn't represent YOUR best intersts, find another agent; but do not put us all in the same bucket.

I provide excellent service to my clients and am very proud of it.

Also, not everyone qualifies for a short sale or a loan modification. If your income hasn't dropped, then you may not be approved.


I understand you want to remain working but it is like shoveling $hit against the "Tide" please believe me this is nothing against you as a realter but once a customer is 90 to 120 days late there is realy nothing you can do for them, I understand you are just doing what you can but no one works for "Free", that is all I ment so please forgive me if I insulted all realters, the only thing that bothers me is when home owners are doing there worst no one helps for "Free", There is always a "Motive"!


First of all Short-Sale, your comment "be carefull for advice from Real-Estate agents in your very hard times they will side with the banks, and tell you it is the best thing for you to do so they can by the house for shortmoney!"

I didn't realize you knew every real estate agent on the planet. How can you say all RE agents? Some RE agents will do anything in their power to help someone avoid short sale, and will negotiate with the bank to get the homeowner back on track. Also are you saying that RE agents want to short sale houses so they can but them for less money? First of all we have to disclose that right away once we first see the house with the homeowner, before entering in any form of contract with he seller.

I suggest you get your facts straight before putting down RE agents. You might need one at some point.


Ya right try and get the money owed, You will never get it back you flagSHAFT employee, peice of $hit, we know were you work and your fooling no one!


if you do a short sale with your mortgage holder make sure you do it without recourse. If you do not do this you will be liable for the difference between the sale price and the amount owed on the property.


:roll Do not "Short Sale" This only helps flagstar bank, No matter what they tell you they are stuck, they cannot sell this loan to another bank, because it is an over valued house, banks will not purchase propertys that are worth 100,000 dollars less, they will not bail out flagstar bank, why should you help them, when they would not help you with a modification, they will try and sell you that they are trying and help you, but how does that sound, did they help you with a modification, I don't think so? There only hope is to have you sign off to get there last buck out of you, in other words they get the money from the sale of the house wich goes straight to them you get nothing!

last they tell you that you can save your credit, crapppp,,, Your credit will never be the same! Try and get an apartment, before you "Short Sale" will never happen, be carefull for advice from Real-Estate agents in your very hard times they will side with the banks, and tell you it is the best thing for you to do so they can by the house for short money!

No one will help for real, to help you to save your home and make no money out of it. It is the way it is,,,"Do Not Short Sale Have Them Drag You Out Of Your House It Is The Only Free Rent You Will Get!" Do not "Short Sale!"

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