Hartford, Wisconsin

After almost two years of back and forth with documentation, 3 buyers that have backed out due to the ridiculously long time it takes for Flagstar to handle a short sale and so many calls I cant even count....they had the nerve to deny the short sale because of realtor fees!!!

What a joke? Please foreclose quickly so I can go on with my life. Your customer service and loss mitigation are a bunch of incompetent losers. Actually its the leadership that has failed their own people.

I dont wish bad on anything or anyone but I wont feel bad if they have to ever shut their doors.

Monetary Loss: $40000.

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I had a short sale with Flagstar and had all the docs submitted on time. Unfortuntely they said the offer of $100,000 was too low.

It was higher than I thought possible. The property was eventually foreclosed. Not less than 3 monthe later, FANNIE MAE sold the property for $63,000.

Don't believe a word of the loss mitigation liars at Flagstar. They could have taken the offer of $100,000 and worked with FANNIE MAE to get the rest, but decided it was easier to screw the homeowner and FANNIE MAE to get their total insured amount of the loan.


But seriously folks, thank god relaters are on top of their jobs and send in the paperwork requested of them. Please continue acting with such integrity and interests of your client.


Best bank around.

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