Santa Rosa, California

I only wanted to open up a C.D. account, they had good rates and needed to ask them one question.

The phone rang/rang/rang during business hours and all I got was the message to 'hang in there' or something to that effect. If they can't hire enough people to answer their phones; what hope is there my money will be safe and I'll be able to retrieve it when the C.D. matures?

How in the world does a bank do business like this and expect people to have faith in them? I refuse to do business with any business who doesn't answer the phone in a timely manner during normal business hours.

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Another thing to keep in mind is that the traditional banking centers(the ones in their own building) are not open on Sundays and the in-stores(self-explanatory) are only open until 4pm and generally only have one staffer on hand. There are only so many hands and ears to go around so get in line and wait your turn.


Did you ever stop to think that they may be busy, times are tough, people want to know about rates and about the fdic insurance, so the phones are most likely ringing off the hook, give them a break. It takes time and patience to be an awesome bank and flagstar is one of those banks. Flagstar likes to make people feel safe about their money, and about their bank of choice, this is one bank that does not bad mouth other banks, they just want to help their customers, give them time, let the phone ring a lil bit, it will be ok, no need to bad mouth a good system.

Tollegno, Piemonte, Italy #51182

Why don't you hire the employees for the bank and pay their salaries? ***.

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