Clinton Township, Michigan
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Both Flagstar and Nationstar are *** poor when it comes to transferring the mortgage account. They send a lousy letter and provide absolutely NO paperwork to get the process going. It's no wonder how these banks screw up...they have dumb *** making decisions with no follow through, no coupon books or anything to get these things paid correctly. It's a big *** shoot. They have absolutely NO idea of how to get things done in a organized way. Both are *** companies.

Tell all those who will listen not to do business with Flagstar in MI.

Don & Sue

Prior Flagstar customers

Product or Service Mentioned: Flagstar Bank Mortgage.

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Tacoma, Washington, United States #655620

Yes, this company is a mortgage SERVICER. They only service themselves. You will end up with them if you have experienced a hardship and miss a payment on your loan.

Nationstar mortgage LLC has no laws regulating them. So, they do what they want. They forge documents, Lie, steal by adding fees and raising your payments without telling you about it!

They are incompetent, you will never speak to the same person twice, they do not take notes on conversations or questions. So the consumer has to begin again all the time. Dont send them any paperwork they "lose" it all the time. Every time!

ON purpose then they can say "you nevEr sent it".

They are LIARS, CHEATS and THIEVES no ethics and no morals.

I hope their practices come back to *** em in xxx seems the government doesnt care and neither do the attorney generals.

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