I will NEVER use Flagstar for a mortgage again. I had a home equity line of credit with them which they have refused to subordinate their lien for, so that I could refinance my first mortgage into a much lower rate.

I requested they pay it off and it has been over 30 days and I have yet to receive notification that the mortgage is satisfied, so I am still paying the higher rate on my first and having to extend the lock for my new loan. It is absurd.

It does not take that long. I know; I work in a bank.

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Try the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. They deal with fraudulent and bad faith business practices. Worked for us, in just 10 days.


Don't even bother to call it will take weeks to months maybe some one might return your call but don't hold your breath no one helps, there only concern is to get customers that are 90 days late paying again, that is why they help with the first part of the Obama package NO OTHER REASON, so if you are having tuff times with cut saleries or on disabiliy from an accident, THEY WILL NOT HELP!!! there still getting there HIGHER INTEREST, and they Know your stuck so then they use there stall tactics telling you you don't qualify because you don't EARN enough to pay a lower INTEREST RATE you have to look at this and say what a load of ***, they got you by your jewel's and they know it and they will not let you go! Then they say well refinance & charge you refinance fee's all over again CO$TING you thousands of dollars more, they also know you don't qualify because of the cut in pay your suffering from, But they will never help you with the second part of the Obamas package customers that are still paying on time and get a better INTEREST rate, forget that they will just be rude over the phone and treat you like ***, THEY WILL NOT HELP, FORGET IT!!


Jannet Superviser of loss mitigation dept. Tel.

800-945-7700 Ext # 6624 is the rudest most unkind person I have ever talked with it takes weeks for her to get back to you for the smallest task example just to ask for a loan modificatoin that she tells you that you do not qualify even without having your financail application, her reply is they only take care of customers that are 90 days late or more, she stays firm no one else qualifys, then she hangs up on you? How can anyone be so cold.

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