Scottdale, Georgia
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I have been a customer of Flagstar Bank for a few months now. I travel in the Atlanta area and have visited many branches throughout the area and I am shocked at the lack of professionalism that I have experienced.

For one thing, the dress is ridiculous. Super tight clothes, cleavage exposure and bibles on desks are just some of the things that I found to be very unprofessional. Their Exceptional Service motto is a joke. Don't they realize that offering me snacks and water is NOT exceptional service?

Exceptional service is having knowledgeable employees who know how to help me with my ENTIRE financial picture instead of being robots who never speak to me or engage me whatsoever. They don't stand up when they greet you or when you are finished with your transaction. Many of their customer service reps can't even answer basic financial questions.One of their branch managers even has a tattoo showing with her cleavage exposure. Who are they hiring for their management positions?

I anticipate their demise to be just like Indy Macs' unless they start training their employees and their managers or how to behave if they want to gain customers or stay in the market place.

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Couldn't agree more. I live in Indy and staff is unprofessional.

If you trust someone with your money, they should look the part. Have no problem with tattoos, but keep them covered.

Wear things that look professional and keep your bibles in the backroom. Shouldn't ever make a customer feel uncomfortable.


you are miserable..perhaps your jealous of the financial manager there..hmmm....yea that's what i think...i think your *** sag now and your your upset about that...they do have surgeons out here that can help you with that... don't hate congratulate....maybe if you loosen your buttons you can too be a financial


who does she think she is?!! because they had a bible on the desk thats unprofessional?

are u a freakin atheist or something!!? since when a bible became problem..some ppl

"like myself" like to keep their bibles around..

whats the big deal.... loosen up ya drawls granny its not that serious uptight..

Ca Mau, Ca Mau, Vietnam #38519

The letter to the CEO was set PRIOR to this comment being listed.

I am grown up. It's you that needs to button up your blouse.

I never attacked the tattoo wearer, just their behavior.

I have never seen the CEO of a financial company expose their tattoo at their place of business. Have you?

London, England, United Kingdom #38320

OK, instead of wasting your efforts here, why don't you send your comments directly to Flagstar? Are you bitter about something else? Is that what it is?

Do you think that someone with a tattoo cannot be a manager?

Grow up and if you want to share your opinion, do it right

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