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I have tried to modify my loan 4 tiomes. I was denied for everything under the sun, even though I had submitted all paperwork requested.

Now I am having a FORENSIC AUDIT done. I faxed the papers for that process to Flagstar, and even though they say they never received the QWR papers, they keep telling me I shouldn't go through a third party and pay them when I could do the process myself.

I have tried 4 times to do the process myself and they know it. I was denied one time because they said they didn't get bank statements. I went to the bank and had them print out a copy, they wouldn't except those papers because they said they were computer generated.

Since I get my statements online I went online and printed out a copy of the bank statement, then they said they wouldn't accept those because they were computer generated. One time they even denied me because I didn't check a box on a form.

I was not notified. TALK ABOUT DISHONESTY!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Flagstar Bank Loan Modification.

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We were denied about 6x , 5 days from forclosure.Anyone who is not dealing with Making Home affordable,RUN to the phone & contact them immediately! After 2yrs , we were finaly given a mod.

If MHA was not helping us we would have lost our home. Flagstar never returned phone calls ect. We would call MHA & they would call.Flagstar is very unethical.

You cannot believe or fight them on your own!! Good Luck!

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