Winter Haven, Florida

Appoximately 3-4 mos.ago my husband and I applied for a mortgage modification. After doing all that was asked of us including a host of bank statement,verification of income ,income tax reports,etc.

Only to be denied based on our credit report.The reason we went to them for help is because of change of income.( Disability) And other circumstances ,owing irs 30,000,increased property taxes and utility making it difficult to make our mortgage payment and other obligations on time. We feel flag star has fail to assist in resolving our dilemma , costing us a lot of preparations ,time and hope.

D. Barber

Product or Service Mentioned: Flagstar Bank Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Your right about this, this is what I mean about "ssSTUPIDdd" customers! Patriot


Not sure what kind of credit rating you were expecting to get with all the debts. I am sure IRS filed a federal tax lien if you owe them over 30k.

This in itself tends to wreak havoc with your credit. Don't blame the bank for your bad credit.

Look to yourselves. The bank is in business to make money, not lose it to bad credit risks.

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