Columbus, Nebraska
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we ended up selling the house the payments where just to hi we paid the house off and now they say we still owe them. if anything they owe us they charged us for so many thing I don't even have a clue what they are they ruined our credit so now we can't even get a house now we don't now what to do .we told them that we couldn't afford more then 500$ a month and when they were done they were over 900$ now all we can do is rent to own you can't trust them all they wont is to get you to sign and take your money they promise a lot that you don't get'

Monetary Loss: $58.

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What happened to you is very unfortunate.

If you'd like to join a class action lawsuit against Flagstar, please call me at 650.283.3093 or email at You don't have to pay a dime, and we will do the fighting for you.

A great law team is already building a case, we just need a few more people to join.



Flint, Michigan, United States #836978

You said you could only afford $500/month, but agreed to a loan for $900/month? I'm sure you received a GFE, or at the very least took a second to look at your loan documents, before signing, to realize that your payments would be $900/month.

Why buy a house that you can't afford and then get mad at the lender for letting you borrow the money.

to Jonah Chicago, Illinois, United States #841227


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