Tulsa, Oklahoma

Like many of you, you have posted your issue with Flagstar Bank I know just how you feel. My wife and I bought our home in 2006 Flagstar is the lender.

We ran into some life issues lost job, health, birth of kids, and ect. Did all we could and got cought up on our payments. Paid off the second mortgage with Flagstar got behind 3 payment on the 1st mortgage due to my wife getting sick even almost lost her never did we not send in money but we were told if it was not the full about it didnt count toward out payment until they had it all. There were a number of times we made full payment by phone and had the transaction number but Flagstar said they never got it and the money came out of our bank account.

We are now looking at having to move because they have foreclosed on our home. We just found out that HUD has sued the bank for over $133 million.

And another thing I cant understand we did a loan mod and the payment was not going to go down but it went up from $748 to $1107 to $1121. I think we all need to get together and file a classaction suit against Flagstar Bank!!!

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Spring Hill, Florida, United States #897703

had same problem with flagstar and will be suing them soon for fraud on mortage and unfair credit practices

Michigan, United States #861782

I too feel we need to file a Class Action Lawsuit as now I have found that if you have had a foreclosure, Flagstar does not report the correct date of foreclosure and then keeps the account posting monthly so your credit continues to decline. Well now I have waited the 3+ years to apply for another HUD loan (after a year of attempts to save our home in 2010 and Flagstar foreclosed) to only find that Flagstar waited almost 24 months to put their insurance claim into HUD.

Upon further research, this extended (and violation of HUD guidelines for lenders) time frame allows Flagstar to accumulate more interest and collect more money from HUD. This is an outrage as they would not even work with us to save our home, did not accurately report to the credit bureaus and now is collecting more insurance money from HUD than what they are suppose to!

But to put the topping on the cake, you as a borrower have to wait 3 years after the insurance claim is paid though HUD, screwing over the borrower ad this will make me wait approximately 5 years!!! I have put a phone call into HUD and am filing complaints with the attorney General and pursuing a Class action law suit.

Anyone interested in telling their story or joining in, please email me at tammib@chater.net.

Miami, Florida, United States #648898

I think we need to just look into actually starting the lawsuit, and recruiting more homeowners who would be willing to join in. I have been trying to get a loan mod from them for over two years, have submitted paperwork countless of times and nothing.

I'm done with them. They preffer to foreclose for the insurance money.

I do have a pretty good lawyer and I'm bringing this lawsuit issue on the table. I don't know if we can do it multistate, but if you're in FL drop me a line at rj0047@gmail.com

Pleasant View, Tennessee, United States #626493

I'm in on a lawsuit!

Albany, New York, United States #612924

I have been and I am still being robbed by Flagstar Bank. We need a class action suit against this bank for the mishandling of client accounts.

My home was struck by hurricane Irene in 2011. Since then I have been in contact with Flagstar Bank Insurance Claims department regarding the assessed payment to contractors for work prescribed in the Proctors (Flagstar Insurance scammers) assessment. No contractor would do the work for the estimated amount. We also had a dispute about other damages not covered in the report, but I was able to make those major repairs myself.

I am still, in 2013, living in a home that has not been completed. The only contractor who took the time to write a proposal was refused, even though I was assured in 2012, by Ms. Wilkins that there would be adjustments. As of this date, Flagstar, Gary Hauff, Ms.

Wilkins (Proctors), and associates refuse to adapt the prices to the rising market. I paid 1600 -/+ every year for the insurance premiums. I could not afford to have separate insurance on my income. Please help if you are able.

I am going to the attorney general in my state, NY, and see where that leads. This is outright robbery.

Toledo, Ohio, United States #586019

I agree with you Flagstar is a dishonest bank.... I also had a loan with them until they foreclosed on my home in may 2012.

they didn't want to work with me I believe because it was a FHA loan and they just wanted the insurance money however I believe the government is in on it because they have knowledge of wrong doing that's why they sued them and won. however they continue to allow them to do this unbecoming behavior, I file a class action and I am in.

to kay Albany, New York, United States #612925

Me too...

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