Michigan Center, Michigan
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I am a Realtor. My file on this property is 2 inches thick!

The seller has provided all requested information several times~ We have had 3 offers~ The representative's are not accessible by phone. I have left message after message on voice mail systems that say the person you are calling will call you back with in 24-48 hours. 6/5/13 left mess~ 6/13/13 left message, 6/14/2013 left message, 6/18/13 left message, 6/25/2013 left message, 6/25/2013 asked for corporate to call~ left a message with corporate. 6/Even CORPORATE DOESN'T RETURN CALLS!!

Next week I will have worked on this file 1 year.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Lincoln, Nebraska, United States #698392

Why doesn't the seller bring money to the table and pay his debt in full. That is what he agreed

to when he signed the NOTE.

Why must Flagtar Bank take a loss. The borrower is defaulting.

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